A Guide to kratom Dosage

Everything that requires consumption must have the right dose. The same case applies with the consumption of Kratom in your body. Kratom is quite an exceptional herb because different doses reacts differently simply because the alkaloids in this plant can work either as a stimulant or as a sedative. The effect of Kratom depends on how much is taken, and the person taking it. However, it’s important to start taking a small dose until you gain knowledge of the reaction of your body.

The effects of taking a small dose of Kratom

Kratom works as a stimulant when taken in small dose. At this particular level, you will start feeling more alert, more physical energy and sexual energy for some people. To most people, they will become more talkative, friendly and some might start doing boring and hard jobs with ease. Some will enjoy these effects, although there are others who will feel uncomfortable and nervous.

The effects of taking a high dose of Kratom

When taken in high dose, Kratom works as a sedative. here you will start becoming less sensitive to physical and emotional pain and start feeling and looking calm. Some will start experiencing some sweating or eager and perhaps nausea. Though, this can be stopped by lying down. Some find it pleasurable to lie down in the darkest room and start listening to cool music.

The right Kratom dosage

This is not an exact dosage and should start with just a low dose especially if you have never used Kratom before. Some of us are very sensitive to Kratom to a point that, even a small dosage gives different results such as an extended vomiting.

You can start using Kratom in a small dose of between 2-6 grams. This should result to stimulant like effects.

If Kratom is taken in a level of 7-15grams, you will start experiencing either stimulant seductive like effects but that will depend on the person and the tolerance level.

16-25grams will result to an effects which is will be too much for those who are sensitive to Kratom.

26-50grams is too much for nearly everyone as it creates a very strong sedative like effects.

If you take too much of Kratom and in case you begin to experience s very strong seductive effects, you should allow 6-10hrs before trying another dose as this will allow Kratom effects to reduce.

Knowing the correct Kratom dosage is the only way to get the best results. Always remember that your age or size of your body doesn’t matter. Just because you are big doesn’t mean you should take more. Always start with a low dose, but if you are not feeling any change. It’s recommended you increase the dose by just 0.5grams.