The Best Wireless Adapters of 2018

The Internet has become a household commodity over the years of technological advancement. Gone were the days of plugging into phone lines for Internet service, and born from the ashes was the age of Wi-Fi. However, that does not mean all older models of computer were tossed out, and many of them did not have the capability of connecting to Wi-Fi without some sort of plug-in.

The Need for Wireless Adapters

This plug-in is called a wireless adapter, and it resembles the form of a USB drive. It can be connected to the USB port on a computer tower and act as an intermediary between the computer system and the router. This way, even older computer models can connect to the Internet with ease. Here 5 best usb wifi adapters reviewed. You can read full review before you choose a best wireless adapter for your gaming or video streaming needs.

The Best Wireless Adapters of 2018

If you’re looking to purchase a wireless adapter, you probably want the best quality for the smallest buck. The best of the best would probably be the Net-Dyn AC1200 USB Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter. This device is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and can cover an area up to 100 yards! It can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps. Its setup is easy, and the company provides software updates and a lifetime warranty.

Asus USB-AC68

The Asus USB-AC68 is a unique adapter. Equipped with a foldable, dual-winged antenna, this portable device provides enhanced speeds for laptops and stable online connectivity. Also in terms of connection stability, Panda Wireless PAU06 is ready to assist regardless of your service provider. It is a cheap adapter that does all its work in the background instead of draining the battery life from one’s computer. It offers fast connection and is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS.

The best adapter if you’re a gamer is the Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 WUSB6300. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, this device can reach speeds up between 300 and 867 Mbps depending on the band while gaming. Not a gamer? That’s fine, too. The Linksys Dual-Band has a max speed of 1200 Mbps, perfect for streaming large videos and fast downloads.

This next little number is another inexpensive device that reflects the idea that compact size indicates faster speed. The Glam Hobby 600Mbps AC600 presents high-speed connection and is maybe slightly bigger than a thumbnail. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS. This 22mm drive makes video streaming and browsing much easier. Don’t let its size fool you. It packs quite a bit of power to be able to improve your Internet connection.


Unlike the other models discussed, this wireless adapter is actually quite large. It may look like a router, and one might overlook this model with all of the other small and compact adapters. Still, this four-antenna device can handle multiple Internet connections at once without interference. It can offer the user speeds between 600-1300 Mbps depending on band.

These are only some of the top wireless adapters of 2018. If you’re looking for a wireless adapter, be sure to get yours today!