Urban Ice Organics review

Urban Ice Organics is an online vendor who sells Kratom and other organic products. The store is located in Nevada, US. There is an extensive range of products available at Urban Ice Organics. This is the reason is compels many buyers to check this vendor as well. A wide variety of standard and rare Kratom is available here. The website of Urban Ice Organics is highly responsive. Immediately contact with the customers and deliver products without any lengthy and tiring procedure.


Kratom products available at Urban Ice Organics:

The Kratom available at this vendor is of high quality and pure. The company grows the Kratom under strict supervision and then uses the leaves for making teas, capsules and powdered form. Almost all the Kratom strains are available in this store. The reason for being famous in the market is the quality of the product they are delivering to their customers.

You can quickly get Indo Kratom strains, Malay strains, Thai strains and Borneo Kratom strains at Urban Ice Organics. All these products can be purchased in excellent packaging. Even the extra-large packaging is also available for customers who want products for more than a month. You can get your desired product in the form of packet or bottle depending upon your wish.


Lab Testing:

Lab testing for the products is the essential step for this vendor before they sell their products to their customers. Lab testing is a way to ensure the safety of the product. Urban Ice Organics never sells their products without their lab testing. This is why their products are safe and healthy.

Price of products:

Urban Ice Organics sells its products at quite affordable rates. Their reasonable rate makes it easier for anyone willing to get good quality Kratom at standard rates. They also offer discounts which lessen the product of Kratom.

Paying Method:

Urban Ice Organics receive payments through credit card, E-check or Zelle. Paying through the card is much more recommended as it is the fastest method to pay them and get your product.


Once your order is confirmed, and they receive payment you will receive your packaging through FedEx or USPS. They deliver their product within two or three days.


Urban Ice Organics is a very trusted and reliable vendor. They deal with their customers with love and politeness. Their website is highly responsive, and they know how to satisfy their buyer. Urban Ice Organics have never compromised on the quality of their products. This is the reason they have got 4.5 rated stars on their website. Getting 4.5 stars is not an easy task. But this vendor is lucky enough to win the hearts of Kratom lovers.

You will enjoy a very smooth and fast shopping experience at Urban Ice Organics without any difficulty. Kratom lovers and buyers are recommended to go and get your desired product from this store as well. I am sure that you will surely love this vendor.